What's 2020 most popular one time fuse ?

In 2020, life and business became harder and harder under Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

What we should do now ? Keep healthy, wear face mask, wash hand frequently, measure your body temperature frequently and do excises. This is for life .

As for business, we need to manage our supply chain and keep competitive in market. More important is we need some optimization on purchasing cost – COST DOWN . If you are manufacturer of LED or power supply, then you will ask what’s 2020 most popular one time fuse ? Cartridge fuse or pico fuse , oh no !

As one of biggest one time fuse manufacturer in china mainland, answer is surface mount fuse and micro fuse. Most of people think it should cartridge fuse but we think cartridge fuse is traditional fuse but isn’t newest technology. We have some reasons to prove our answer:

1)     Advanced technology lead to excellent quality
Aolittel invested huge money to import lots of high-tech automatic production & inspection & testing & taping equipments and optimized management system. Surface mount fuse 0603 1206 6125 1032 1245 and radial leaded slow blow micro fuse we produced with better performances than traditional cartridge fuse.

2)     Full global certifications
Agencies approvals we achieved for surface mount fuse is 1608 3216 2410 1025 4512 and fast acting micro fuse including CQC,CCC,IEC,CB,UL,CUL,TUV,VDE,KC,PSE,ROHS,
REACH etc. However, there are some certifications for one time cartridge fuse and current range included is narrow.

3)     Quick delivery
We have huge production capacity per day because production speed is rather fast by automatic production machine. We have lots of machines and huge capacity x number of machines, wow !

4)     Low cost
Price is very cheap because of huge production capacity and we have lots of customer order, so we can offer good price.

5)     Easy Installation
If you bought cartridge fuse and you need crimp it into specific structure , even add heat-shrinkable tube to resist high temperature, these working takes working hours and worker to do it, this is extra cost. However, if you buy square ceramic surface mount fuse and radial leaded micro fuse then you can install by reflow soldering and wave soldering without extra processing processes. NEWEST DESIGN WOULD PREFER TO CHOOSE THEM.

Would you choose them as your option – one time fuse or traditional cartridge fuse ?

Come on ,let’s talk more if you interesting in them.

Here is production link for your ref.
Surface Mount Fuse    https://www.aolittel-china.com/Surface-Mounted-Fuse

Micro Fuse            https://www.aolittel-china.com/Micro-Fuse